Eisenberg Secret III Patchouli Noble 100ML

Eisenberg Secret III Patchouli Noble 100ML

Product Description

When the legend comes to life… It is around this mythical oriental ingredient that this intimate and attractive fragrance flourishes. The Patchouli, as extravagant as sophisticated, takes us to warm-hearted lands where all its duality’s facets are explored. A true explosion of spices at its head where Cardamom, luminous and explosive, exalts the hypnotic and sensual side of Patchouli. Allying power and emotion, it blends with intimate flights of Myrrh for an even more assertive charisma. The promise of timelessness caught between lightness and darkness.

Additional Information

Department Perfumes
Gender Gents
Perfume Scent Woody
Perfume Bottle Size 100ml

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